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Made in the USA, by hand, in Portland, Maine

As time passes, everyone searches for ways to capture memories, celebrate beautiful moments and for that perfect way to show our appreciation.

Overlooking the bustling Casco Bay, in an old Historic brick building, in downtown Portland, Maine, our team is inspired. Inspired by our rocky coastline, our own travels/experiences and especially by you, our customers.

At CHART Metalworks, each piece is individually designed and made to order, just for you. We start our work with you. Where is your spot, the place you hold close to your heart? Our workshop flows with hands-on artistry at every step of our process. From design to pour, engraving to polish, we make sure each step and each piece is as unique as you. We believe your piece can also be the beginning of a new journey, we’d love to be a part of that.

Each piece is designed in house and then hand-cast. Your map, chart or graphic is printed on our special coated paper, cut by hand for precision and then carefully placed into your item. We pour layers of boater’s resin creating a dome, magnifying your special graphic beneath and creating a durable seal. Once our pour is fully cured, we engrave your piece and hand polish it to a beautiful satin finish

Our raw materials are all Made in the USA, across New England and mostly from Maine. Our suppliers are our partners and understand us here at CHART Metalworks.

We Give Back. Supporting Local and National organizations who are close to our hearts, we are proud of our Gifts that Give Back Collection, which is always evolving and expanding. These organizations or sentiments touch our lives in many ways and this collection is a small way we can show our support. Thank you also for supporting these causes with our products.

We are partners with our retailers. You can find our products in retail shops nationally also. These wonderful stores offer local flavor, feel, and allow you to take a piece home when you are out traveling and exploring.

I’m Janice Sears, the owner of CHART Metalworks. I didn’t create the company which was founded in 2008, but I love it; each and every day, each and every piece and each and every customer. We put our heart and soul into every day. We work as a team. We are each specialized yet we are all a part of every step of your piece’s creation.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when we finish off an item, assemble it into its final form and package it into our boxes, inserting our Love and Care Card, and send it off on its journey. I think about who it may be going to, what the occasion is, and the memory or adventure it stemmed from. That’s why I want to hear your stories. They mean the world to us and warm our hearts. I encourage you to tell us what you think when you get your piece, give your piece and the conversations you have when you wear your piece. That makes it even greater for us as we know every piece we make. Talk to us with a review on, and Google. Follow us and comment on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Handcrafted in Maine
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