Vintage Traveler Tux Studs


Tux Studs... Vintage Traveler Tux Studs. Now you too can be as chic and dashing as 007 all the while prominently displaying your most precious point abreast your shirt. Our tux studs provide a modern take on formal wear. Customizable to your location of choice, so no matter where your tux may take you a piece of your special spot remains nearby. The four faces are slightly larger than a thumbtack and classic button style design allows for easy fastening and secure wear.

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Made in Maine, USA, these tux studs feature bronze, .5" face as well as a classic button style stem and closure. Set of four. Our satin finish bronze is designed to only look better with the patina of age and wear. Quality one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, elegantly packaged with care instructions.