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Unique Custom Jewelry, Accessories, and Gifts

For those special moments

Unique Nautical Map and Chart Jewelry

For those special moments

Graduation Collection

A gift for graduates of all ages.

  1. Flag Pewter Extra Small Necklace
    Flag Pewter Extra Small Necklace
  2. Picture Frame
    Picture Frame
  3. Pewter Cufflinks
    Pewter Cufflinks
  4. Bronze Cufflinks
    Bronze Cufflinks
  5. Keepsake Box
    Keepsake Box
  6. Bronze Key Ring
    Bronze Key Ring
  7. Paperweight
  8. Pewter Money Clip
    Pewter Money Clip
  9. Pewter Key Ring
    Pewter Key Ring
  10. Bottle Opener
    Bottle Opener

It's personal.

While you’re busy making more memories, we’ll be busy at work ensuring your piece is perfect. Each design is handcrafted in our studio in Portland, Maine. Made with care and attention to detail.

Customer Favorites

These are some of our customer favorites, they might be yours too.

Expandable Bangle

Chic and fashionable.
Let's get stacking.

Wine Stopper

A flawless blend of
utility and elegance.

Small Necklace

Carry the memory of a
place close to your heart.

3 Charm Necklace

Three's company with our custom
Pewter 3 Charm Necklace

Bronze Cufflinks

Capture the memory of
a favorite location

Wine Bottle Coaster

A useful and beautiful
statement piece

Mini Necklace and Tag

A perfect gift or reminder
of an awesome memory.

Key Ring

A keepsake that can tell
a story wherever you go.


Handcrafted in Maine
Quality Guaranteed